Cron Expression- Unattended Bot

Hi, For a Unattended bot which need to start at 9:30AM. And it need to start again aftrr every 30 mins till 10:30 PM everyday except 1st and 3td Saturday and all Sundays. Can someone help me with a Cron Expression for this.

Thanks in Advance

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This cron has to be partially handled

0 30/30 9-11 ? * SUN,MON,TUE,WED,THU *


At second :00, every 30 minutes starting at minute :30, every hour between 09am and 11am, on every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, every month

As said earlier 1st and 3rd Saturday part alone can be managed inside the workflow
Like use a if condition and if the date when bot runs is either 1st or 3rd Saturday then it won’t run or will run

Refer this workflow for sample

Cheers @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud


You can take Cron expression given by @Palaniyappan

For 1st and 3rd Saturdays you can also use Non-working days option in Orchestrator

Check below post for your reference

Hope this may help you


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Can you also provide me the Cron Expression for this?
Unattended bot which need to start at 9:30AM. And it need to start again aftrr every 30 mins till 10:30 PM everyday .

@Srini84 @Palaniyappan

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Actually it’s the same but with sat included

0 30/30 9-11 ? * SUN,MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT *

cheers @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

@Palaniyappan This cron expression is only triggering at
My requirement is from 9:30 to night 10:30 ,it triggers for every 30 mins.

For example : 09:30,10:00,10:30,11:00,11:30,12:00,12:30 ,13:00,13:30,…, Till 22:30

Hey @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

Kindly try the below,

0 30/30 9-22 ? * *

Hope this helps


@Nithinkrishna It will trigger at 9:30,10:30,11:30…so on

If the expression is 0 0/30 9-22 ? * * , Then it is starting at 9:00, 9:30, 10:30,…so on till 22:30. This is fine but only the starting first trigger 09:30 is not necessary. Can we handle this?

When should be the starting trigger please ? @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

First trigger is at 9:30 Am @Nithinkrishna . The last trigger is 22:30. For every 30 mins it should be triggered

Hey @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

If you see here, we are not using 0/30 instead it’s 30/30 meaning first trigger at 9.30

@Nithinkrishna Please find the attached image. It is showing the next triggered times using the mentioned cron expression

Yep, which is correct as per your requirement right ?

@Nithinkrishna But the expression is triggering for every one hr. Pls find the attached image


Then try to set three different triggers each with specific timing you want
Because CRON won’t be able to handle half of an hour more than certain extent
As your has only three different timings to be handled I would suggest to have three different schedules which makes this very simple

Cheers @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud