Cron expression question

Hi all,

I am trying to create a cron to run the robot like this:

  • Every day
  • Every 15 minutes from 2nd minute of the hour
  • From 20.00 to 09.05

This is the cron that i’ve found : 0 2/15 20-8 ? * * *
My problem is: the last execution date is at 08.47, I can’t get it to run as last run at 09.02, Is there any way to do it with cron?

Just by replacing the 20-8 by 20-9 it’ not working ?
So it will be : 0 2/15 20-9 ? * * *

HI @Kumar802

Check out the image for understanding




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Hi Gokul,

my need is for the last job to be at 9:02 a.m. and not at 9.47

For that you need to add the condition in the uipath XAML file @Kumar802

I don’t think so it possible to do it in the cron expression

What if I create a separate trigger that starts only at 9:02?

If you update your expression to 0 2/15 21-9 ? * * * to extend till 9, it will run for
9:02,9:17,9:32,9:47 as well.
If you just need a single execution at 9:02, create a separate one-time trigger for it.

You can create the different queue it will work at 09:02 @Kumar802