CRON expression for running the process every 30 minutes starting at 10AM

Hi UiPath,

It is my first time using the CRON expression,

May I know how we can write CRON expression in orchestrator in trigger?

My goal is to run the robot every 30 minutes starting @10am


Hi @alvin.c.apostol26

You can use the following Cron expression for the same:

0 30 10/1 ? * * *

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Hi @alvin.c.apostol26

I’m assuming when you said you want the bot to run every 30mins starting from 10am meaning robot runs at 10:00,10:30,11:00,11:30 and so in till midnight.

In that case use the below from expression

0 0/30 10-23 ? * * *

In case you want the the deadline before 12, then modify the 10-0 part of the cron. The 10 is the start hour and 23 the end hour when you want to run.

Hi @alvin.c.apostol26

Try this-

To achieve your goal, you can use the following CRON expression in Orchestrator:

0 0/30 10-23 ? * * *


Hi @alvin.c.apostol26

Try below expression

0 0/30 10/1 ? * * *