Cron expression parser in advanced time trigger


Many of use the advance time trigger quite often and we observe that cron expression being written is not parsed / shown as a text while creating the advanced time trigger. However, when the advanced time trigger is saved the Trigger Details column shows when the trigger activates.

I do believe such a parser/trigger details in text should already be visible to the user when a cron expression is being written. Both validation of the cron expression and the successful parsing could be performed.

Current behaviour

  1. While creating a new advanced trigger. As you see the user gets no visual confirmation of the expression.

  2. After saving the trigger the trigger details column parses the input cron expression and converts it to text.

Suggested behaviour

  1. Trigger details displayed as text

Thanks @jeevith

Simple and to the point suggestion that really should make it. Saved for our team to consider :slight_smile: