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Hello, everyone!

Our Orchestrator team needs your input :slightly_smiling_face:

We are working on improving Orchestrator and we need your help to make a critical product decision. If you have 2 free minutes, please fill the survey below.

Orchestrator’s Home section redesign


I think you should have one Orchestrator license as per organization across the accounts so that organizations can afford it to increase the Digital adoption.
Right now, licensing cost is as per Tenant.

If it is about GUI improvements:…

Login page:
Make the tenant field a configurable drop-down box where you can select the available tenants configured on the host. We are expanding rapidly along multiple tenants each having their own developp test and prod environment. Keeping track of them all is getting… annoying :slight_smile:

Introduce tabs or popout options for different sections
For operational purposes I often need to switch back and forth between the job-logs and the queueitem screens. Switching is annoying and often the search or page navigation needs to be repeated over and over again. Being able to have both open at the same time through a tab op pop-out feature would be a great improvement for this.

Filter options
A lot of overviews, jobs, transactions, logs etc have filter options for ‘last hour’, ‘last day’, ‘last week’, ‘last month’. While usefull, this is somewhat limited in my opinion. A filter option for a specific date or date period would help. If I need to check something in these logs I either need to scroll through pages and pages of data to find the right page, or I need to download a huge chunk of data which requires even more work to filter out and zoom in on the part that I require.

I have completed survey but here as well I would like to highlight one point/Improvement Suggestion: there is something really annoying when switching tenants, you have to logout and back in again. Is this something which needs to improve.

Hey @ronak

Just to clarify - your feedback goes about switching organizations, rather than tenants, correct?

Because you can switch between tenants in the top right corner of the Orchestrator.

Hi @loginerror, I am not sure how to call it as I can see ChooseTenant option when I login to the orchestrator.


I can not switch tenant from here:


In some older versions it was indeed not possible.

The good news is that this was already added in the newer versions.

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@loginerror that’s great! Thanks for the info.

Hello, I also answered to the survey, but I would like to reinforce something that I think it’s really important: Set queue item to failed if job gets killed.
Example: Sometimes, we have issues with productions processes where the robot gets “frozen”, I mean it’s running, but isn’t doing anything, doesn’t send logs anymore, and the job has to be killed. The problem: If there is some item that was being processed, it will stay in progress and will be “lost”, becoming hard to reprocess it has it’s not possible to retry the item “In progress”.
So when some job it’s killed, and it’s being processed queue item, it should be set automatically to Failed, and not be let In Progress status.

Hi @Paul_Boulescu,

Here are my picks from the feedback section which are already reported and yet to be resolved. Ordered by importance high to low.

  1. Update Transaction Item while In Progress
    There has been a lengthy discussion as to why this feature is important. Almost all the RPA tools I have used provide a feature to update a transaction specific content either under progress or after completion.

  2. Filter option on Logs (Jobs–>Logs) based on time, and robot used to run the process. We have 2 to 3 robots which perform simultaneously but the logs are so difficult to parse through. We therefore use a Splunk to ease our pain, a native feature in orchestrator (on-premises or cloud) would be a godsent!

    Linking Monitor, Queue transactions and Job logs

    Debugging nightmare : Debugging with the orchestrator is frustrating

    In addition similar filters on other sections of orchestrator : Allow us to sort the various lists to make it easy finding what we want

  3. More out-of-the-box states for transactionitem.Progress. BluePrism allows this on any queue item, which makes developing and maintaining a process a breeze.
    Using more states in a queue item

  4. Let the users delete in-progress item. It is such a basic ask and can have such huge impact for CoEs and robot maintainers. This thread has been waiting for a resolution for a long time : Why is there STILL no way to delete an In Progress Queue Item?!

  5. An option to clone triggers and queues without items in them : Option to clone a trigger / queue - #6 by loginerror

  6. Lastly, I think the advanced trigger needs some love
    Cron expression parser in advanced time trigger