Creating / working with Studio Web automation from Studio Desktop

When I create an automation in Studio Web, I can start it with a Trigger - for example, ‘when a new email is received’. After creating it, in Studio Web, I can click Open in Studio Desktop. Now in Studio Desktop, it is tagged as a Cross-Platform, Cloud Project. I can use all of the Studio Desktop activities.

However, if I want to start creating a project like this from Studio Desktop, I don’t see any way to create one. There is no option for Cloud project. Also there is no similar Trigger activity for ‘when new email is received’.

Is there any way to start creating a Cloud project from Studio Desktop?

And is there any way to tell which Studio Desktop activities are compatible with a Cloud project?



On studio desktop you need to create a project woth cross pltform compatibility …that can be used in studio web

Both cross platform and studio web are compatible with same type of activities

While working on studio desktop you need to install the packages relavant to your need and only then you can see the related activities…for this use manage packages and search for it


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