Creating Variables through the process


I want to know if it is possible to create a variable via the process/activity.
I want to have a dynamic amounts of variables each time I start the process:
Let me further explain what I want to achieve --> I have a PDF file that can have 10 items but up to 100+ items. Now I need to assign every item to a variable, because I need the input of these in a later part of the process. I cannot just loop through it and assign the values of the items to the same variable. I need all the values at once and separated (that’s why I thought having 1 variable for each).
But the problem is that I could need 10 variables or 100 variables depending on the PDF file that is read.

Can someone help me? :slight_smile:
Kind regards

This is where dictionaries can be useful. You can assign a variable number of key/value pairs. This is mostly useful if all the variables are of the same type - it would be a lot more difficult if you are using different variable types - I’d probably utilize separate dictionaries for each type in that case (e.g. dict1(of string,string), dict2 (of string, int32), etc)