Creating Summary Sheet For Specific Column

In Creating Summary Sheet
i’m Trying To make it Dynamic
So that whatever Status Comes Create a new column with the name of the Status
Please Find the Attached File (355.2 KB)
Thanks in Advance

Hi @Karam_Abulawii

just delete this activity without deleting the datatable (BuildDataTable). And try to run the code.

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it Didn’t Help @Dawodm
i just Need To create a summary sheet
" * Create a summary sheet based on the final report include the total number of transactions, total number of Failed, the total number of Successes, rename it as Transaction summary."
in Addition to That i,m trying to Get Whatever the status and add it to new column with it’s Name
i hope you understood what i meant

If i get a value in Examaple “Karam” i need to create a new column in summary sheet based on this Status and get the count