Creating summary Sheet

I’m trying to build a new summary sheet that contains 3 columns

of transactions / # of Successful / # of Failed

each column contains the number of the status needed
I’m struggling in adding the new sheet and columns and enter the values in it
can anyone Help
find the attached zipped File for the workflow (264.7 KB)


didn’t look at the project but - assuming you have results in a datatable - simple solution is filtering the DataTable (only successful/only failed), then use FilteredDt.Rows.Count to get relevant # :slight_smile:

This will do the trick…

I filtered the datatable on status=successful and status=failed, and then got the dt.rows.count for the original datatable for total, and successful and failed datatables.

Please let me know if anything is unclear. (491.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot this will do the job

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I found an even easier way where you don’t have to filter the datatable. I knew it existed, but couldn’t find the right syntax yesterday:


Will give the correct count. So you could remove the build/filter datatable activities, and change the “Add data row” to his:

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