Creating Forms on UiPath Apps

I have a requirement of creating a smart form on UiPath that can be freely shared with customers who don’t have access to a UiPath account. Since UiPath Forms cannot be shared in that particular way, I’ve moved on to using UiPath Apps.

I want to add further style and edits onto the input elements such as masking, maximum input digits and so on which are available on UiPath Forms. However, I am not able to do so in UiPath Apps.
Is this not possible yet or its because I am currently using the free version and the licensed version has these capabilities.


did you try using the length function?


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Hello Kanak,

UI Path apps do not support and Custom styling right now or any client side validation or regular expression ( e.g. for email/phone number /number of input character)

Mask and Not mask of input text is also not available so far.

However you can apply some validation using rules and function into IF else rule. you can use length function to read length of input character and check .



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