Creating Dictionary(String, List(String))

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I’m trying to create a dictionary to store key in string and values to be lists with string inside, but I’m always getting an error from the variable type saying that doesn’t match to what I defined. I tried several variable types but none works. What i’m doing wrong? May I have to download some package? one of the errors.

Thx in advance.

New Dictionary(Of String, List(Of String))()



I’m looping through a data table and I’m inserting in a List to cells from each row, and i’m adding each time the list as value of a dictionary. After adding the list to the dictionary I’m clearing the list so I can add the two values for the next row. I’m initializing the list outside the loop.

The problem is that the list in the dictionary are empty. So the questions is how I clear the list so i can add the new items and don’t clear the dictionary values aswell.

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You have to use “assign” activity instead of “clear collection” activity.

Like PerviousVersionErrorDataList to New List(of String) then it works fine.