Initialize Dictionary (of Integer, Dictionary)

I have a dictionary (of String, datatable) already initialized and wants to create another dictionary to store them with integers as keys.
I am using add to dictionary activity, but have to initialize the dictionaries first.

Hi @inyourgravity,

Can you use like below

ExtractedEntriesTrackworkDictionary= new Dictionary(of Int32, ExtractedTrackWorkInfoDictionary(of String, DataTable))

@anil5 Please if you can help i m having almost the same issue but i m trying to initialize Dictionary<String,String> and further to that i would want to add key and vale from 2 variables Thanx

That’s strange, I exactly wrote the same thing and got no error

Try to remove the variable and write again, or restart your Studio

yah i still have the same issue does this have to do with either Vb or C#

Maybe; when you created your project you had the choice of using VB or C#, what did you pick up ?

@Hiba_B I picked C#
and the below worked
new Dictionary<string, string>{{ runClient, BotOperatinPath }}
runClient and BotOperatinPath are string variables

Well I picked VB; maybe there is a difference between initializing.
Try by writing
new Dictionary (string, string)

worked with C#

Great !