Creating DataRow[] var


Hi folks,

i’m tryng to create a variable using the browse for types but i can’t find this type of var:


please could you help me?.

thanks in advance folks.


Hello there,

First you need to choose array type->then browse->datarow.





Thank you very much ddpadil !! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Hi again,

kindly, may you could help me with another question.

i want to select and copy all rows that contains certain value in a column to another sheet in the excel, but i can’t reach it.

please could you help me to reach it?

thanks in advance!! :smiley:



Search for .Select( on the forums. There are multiple examples of different queries.

Not sure what you mean by that. Could you elaborate?


Hi Andrzej,

sure, i can explain it…

i have ten rows in an excel, those rows have seven columns.

what i want is to separate those rows filtering by the value stored in the column “value2”, and separate rows by sheet name, the result should be like this

i hope this will be helpful :sweat_smile:




Check if this leads you to a conclusion:

You could use same grouping (by value2 instead of TranType), then convert each grouping to DT, ignore the sum calls, and write to separate sheets (use grouping.Key.ToString as sheet name).


Thanks andrzej!!:clap: