Creating DataRow[] var

Hi folks,

i’m tryng to create a variable using the browse for types but i can’t find this type of var:


please could you help me?.

thanks in advance folks.

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Hello there,

First you need to choose array type->then browse->datarow.





Thank you very much ddpadil !! :clap: :clap: :clap:

BR. !

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Hi again,

kindly, may you could help me with another question.

i want to select and copy all rows that contains certain value in a column to another sheet in the excel, but i can’t reach it.

please could you help me to reach it?

thanks in advance!! :smiley:


Search for .Select( on the forums. There are multiple examples of different queries.

Not sure what you mean by that. Could you elaborate?

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Hi Andrzej,

sure, i can explain it…

i have ten rows in an excel, those rows have seven columns.

what i want is to separate those rows filtering by the value stored in the column “value2”, and separate rows by sheet name, the result should be like this

i hope this will be helpful :sweat_smile:



Check if this leads you to a conclusion:

You could use same grouping (by value2 instead of TranType), then convert each grouping to DT, ignore the sum calls, and write to separate sheets (use grouping.Key.ToString as sheet name).

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Thanks andrzej!!:clap: