Values of a column in an excel sheet to be stored into an array

I want the values of a column in an excel sheet to be stored into an array ( variable)… please help me

Hi @vicky1234567890,
Please check out our forum. There are plenty of post related to this:

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tq very much. I am facing another problem

how can i search those strings in another data table and filter that accordingly… please help me out of thos @Pablito.

Hi @vicky1234567890,
What problem are you facing now?


my filter wizard is not recognizing the variable


Try with the following code in an assign activity with a string array variable

raw.Rows.Cast(Of DataRow)().[Select](Function(row) row("Cust Code")).ToArray()

if condition is also working sir, but i am unable to filter the table using that string. please help me out of this

how to assign this array to filter data table one after another after using this
raw.Rows.Cast(Of DataRow)().[Select](Function(row) row(“Cust Code”)).ToArray()

if i assign a string directly it’s working, but if i assign a variable it is unable to filter


How you are filtering datatable with this array?

ppp.xlsx (9.3 KB)

i want to filter data of this kind. i had a lot of data like that. i want to follow the following steps

  1. unique values of the Cust Code(column) should be stored
  2. compare that unique CuSt COde with the data in my excel
  3. then filtering the data of respective cust codes

ppp.xlsx (9.2 KB)

i need this as output.
like the above sheet i want all the custcodes to be filtered seperately and store in another excel sheet

please go through my workf;ow and help me out of this @sarathi125

tttt.xaml (16.8 KB)

please help me out of this @sarathi125

tttt.xaml (23.0 KB)


Check with this one, for each unique custcode the master table will be filtered and a new mail will be triggered with the filtered data in an excel file.

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tq very much @sarathi125. i need another help.
I have two excel sheets.
I want to copy the 2nd row of one excel sheet and make it as 1st row of other excel sheet.
please help me out of this. @sarathi125


Do you have any existing rows in the second excel?

Is this one time activity or dynamically you want the 2nd row from the first excel to the 1st row in the second excel?

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@sarathi125 thakyou for your quick response.
yes, i have existing rows in my second excel sheet
I want to add row dynamically

can i know how to get the 2nd row of 1st sheet into one data table. than i can merge those two tables.

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