Creating Custom Activity via NugetPackge which also uses a NugetPakage itself

Hi everyone,
Hope you all are doing well. I’m new to RPA
I’m using UiPath community version(not legacy) and dotnet 6.0
I’m trying to create a CustomActivity to perform Sqlite Database operations. My Class Library is using nuget package System.Data.Sqlite , I’ve created the package successfully, also tested it with a simple c# console project(which is working fine)
when I add my package to UiPath and try to run the activity, it is throwing error as below

My Solution Explorer is like this
I was also getting error previously ‘Could not load file or assembly System.Data.Sqlite’ , so I added System.Data.Sqlite.dll as well in the nuget package as below

Kindly correct me if I’m doing anything wrong
Thanks in advance.


Can you please cross verify here …i fyou followed properly


Do the existing database activities from UiPath not cover your use case? I do not think you need to make custom activities.

Thanks @Anil_G ,
Actually I used the old method i.e., creating class library c# project, and make package using Nuget Package Explorer
I followed this link to create package.

Also, If a do not use System.Data.Sqlite in my custom activity then everything goes fine.

Thank @Jon_Smith ,
yes I first tried to use built-in activities but found hard to make it dynamic as I wanted to only pass the connection string to dynamically connect to my Sqlite Database
Therefore I preferred to create Custom Activity
Also my custom activity works fine when I do not include any third party nuget package in it.

The Database activities have a connection string object you can create dynamically?
What part did you struggle with?

It also has a required parameter named “Provider name”
I do not know how to handle it to make it dynamic

Hahaha, that is much easier than creating a custom activity!

Maybe make a new topic and ask that?

Sure, Thanks for your reply

Hey @Muhammad_Umair_Malik, could this be because your connection string is “hello world”?

Thanks @Jacqui_M,
I wish it would be :sweat_smile:, but it’s not the issue, I tried with passing the right connection string.
Also in case of wrong connection string, SQLite throws proper relevant exception (I tried that too)

I found the problem,
Actually my Custom Activity project was building on x64 bit target platform, but the third-party sqlite library which I was using was for 32bit applications
This was the main issue, so I first download a 64bit System.Data.Sqlite.dll file(you can find it easily from dllme)
Then I created a nuget Package for that 64bit dll, and add it into my project as well as in UiPath dependencies
So that I don’t have to include System.Data.Sqlite in my own package.
Now it’s working fine
Thanks to @all . :innocent:

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