Custom activity with Entity Framework

I´ve created a custom activity, selecting data from a database using Entity Framework 6. This activity was made with Visual Studio 2017 (C#). The Unit Test works fine, but when I create a NuGet Package and use this in my UiPath Project, I´ll get the following error:
No connection string named ‘XXXEntities’ could be found in the application config file
So here are some screenshots:

  1. NuGet Package with the Custom Activities
    As you can see, EF is implemented as a dependency. I´ve tried multiple choices with the package content files: Only the both DLL, both DLL with the App.config, both DLL with both dll.config and so on. The result was still the same.
  2. Package Manager in UiPath Studio
  3. The Activity in my UiPath Studio Project

The reason why we do this in this way is that we have a local copy of our SAP database/tables in MS SQL Server 2014.

I would now like to know what the special features are if I want to use a custom activity with EF6 in UiPath.
I´ve no Screenshots of the Custom Activity Source Code because it runs in Unit Testing, so in my opinion, it is error-free.
Any help is welcome, thanks in advance!



P.S. This is my first question, I hope I placed it correctly here, otherwise let me know where´s the right place to ask.

Hello André,
Did you find the solution to your problem? Because I have the same …
Thank you very much