Creating Barcodes and placing them in a PDF

Hi All.

I have been tasked with the following user story and would love if someone could guide me the right direction .

  1. Take a PDF from a folder and extract the name of the pdf
  2. Generate a barcode which will contain the name of the file and the page number and place the barcode on each corresponding page.

Is there a way of doing this without having to but a licence for an activity or through Adobe for example ?

Many thanks in advance


Hi @rachael.sherry

  1. for getting files names in a folder Directory.GetFiles(File_Path) can be used to get file paths as a list, if you loop through that you will be able to get the file names

  2. for generating bare code you could use 3rd party API which accepts inputs and returns bar code image.

if you are looking for non license APIs, you will find quite a few on the web

There might be third party PDF editors that would work, but either way you are going to need a program that can edit PDFs.

Thanks @AdityaVN and @postwick I will look into some thrid party sortware.

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