Checking if barcode exist


I have 100 pdf files… some file having Barcode and some files dn’t have ( if we use find image it will work only that file its not working another )

my question is: i need to check whether the borcode is presence or not … pls help me

thank you

You can use the Image Exists activity and input an image with the barcode. You can also set the accuracy level, depending on how well the image has to match with the ones in the .pdf files.

i tried with accuracy 0.1 but its not working

That’s very low, have you tried with something like 0.6?

yeah i tried but its not working …

i think its selectors issue its resolved… tnq for replying me…


Hi, can you send me the pdf file…

Whenever you select the bar code image with Image Exists activity, just select the exact area of that bar code image and set high accuracy level like 0.8/0.9 then it will work