Creating an Index File

Good morning,

I have a bot that performs a particular process of generating folders and files within these folders for each customer. ( There are thousands of customers).

Once the robot is complete, I would like for it to create an Index file for the business stakeholders that contains the Customer Identification number followed by a hyperlink that takes them to the directory with that customer Information.

I have settled on creating an HTML file ( since dozens of individuals will be interacting with this file simultaneously ) but I am also open to other suggestions. So when an individual opens up the HTML file, it would look something like the below picture.

1- Is an HTML index file the best solution here?
2- If so, I have the code for the HTML file and I know the general direction that I need to take in order to create this index file ,I am having a hard time populating my HTML Code.

So I solved my own problem. Below are the steps:

1- I used the Directory.GetDirectories to get an array variable of all of the different directories that are available.

2- I created a template of the HTML file and added a parameter {0} of where the section that would vary.

3- I used a for loop to concatenate all of the directories paths into one string variable.

4- I then used the write text file activity with a String.Format to add that HTMLBody to the HTML template.

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