Attended BOT with UI Fields

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I am looking for a way to have a dynamic User Interface for the Agents as an assisted bot. Apart from the capability to start the process(es) and getting custom input whenever required, I would like to see some data in this UI as reference for the agent. This data can be from the data captured/scraped from various screens during the automation process.
The custom input activity allows to get input from the user but how can I have a UI Dashboard with some dynamic data populated after a specific automation process is complete?

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An HTML file + iframe combo.

HTML file 1 - add data to this file, use CSS to beautify, add html refresh to grab latest data when the bot updates - put all this in an iframe.
HTML file 2 - call HTML1 in an iframe in this file. Refresh this file every 5 seconds. Share this file with the agents.

Of course, you will need an FTP/URL or a network location.

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Thanks @sumitd for your valuable inputs.

How can I pass an input from the workflow to these HTML pages. Say, the BOT scraped some data from some of the screens while automation and now I want these scraped data to be shown in these html pages. A Custom Input activity takes URL as input and this will show the agents a UI and they can enter and submit data and bot can then take these data forward in the process. But how can I pass data to these html files to show to the agent?
I hope you understand.

You will have to write to an HTML file (write to a TXT file, with extension = HTML).
I would split an HTML file in to three components - header, table and footer.
Header and footer will be static.
Table will be dynamic.

In a for each loop, pass the value from the datatable to the table section

Finally, write header + table + footer to the html file.



<h2>Basic HTML Table</h2>

<table style="width:100%">
    <th><<Column 1 Header>></th>
    <th><<Column 2 Header>></th> 
    <th><<Column 3 Header>></th>

TABLE (in a for each loop, reading the datatable):





Hope this helps!