Creating a dynamic URL for web scraping

Hi everyone,

I am using excel application scope to read an excel file.

I have two rows of data in my file:

I want to go to the following website and scrape a table for each row above.

the URL should look like this.
URL1 = Apple Inc. (AAPL) income statement – Yahoo Finance
URL2 =, Inc. (AMZN) income statement – Yahoo Finance

I am using for each row to read contents of excel and store it in a variable called SearchValue using Assign activity.

How do I then create the URL which I can pass into open browser and make the process dynamic.

I tried the same approach i.e. using Assign activity but could not.

Could anyone please help me.


Hi @boardman
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Please refer the screenshot for your query.

Happy Automation :slight_smile:

In case the URL is not part of the field values.

Hi @boardman
If you have same rules for both the AAPL and AMZN then open browser and pass desire url using rvegafria approach.
Else their is change in both rules then use Switch Case to handle them seprately.
Thank you

Awesome. This is what I exactly wanted. Thanks @rvegafria.

Thank you.