Create WhatsApp groups with excel data

Hi! I’m new in UiPath development.

I’m need to create many WhatsApp groups with data scrapt from a website.

So, I have 2 screens (URL’s):

1 - Have all active courses, with the columns:
Name | Start (date)

2 - Have all classes and attendees of 1 item from URL 1. The columns are:
Class | Attendee | E-mail | Cell Phone

I thought to scrap the table from screen 1 with the URL’s to screen 2.

For each row from Table 1 (screen 1), acess the URL and scrap the data with Table 2 (screen 2).

I will create one data table with all ateendees to import in Google Contacts. After automate the WhatsApp group creation.

So, I don’t know:

  • How to merge all data in the same data table.

  • How to separate the classes to create a whatsapp group. The class will be the whatsapp group name.
    - So I will have
    line 1: class X | Jhon
    line 2: class X | Peter
    line 3: class Y | Robert
    And I will create a different whatsapp group for each class.

Sorry if I can’t explain it well. Thanks for help me.