Sending message to WhatsApp group

I have a small use case in which I need help.
Sending a message to the WhatsApp group.

  • I have an excel where I have 3 columns.
    Name | Mobile | WhatsAppGroup
  • the WhatsAppGroup is the same for all the records.
  • the message sending to the group is also always the same.

Hello “Name”, how are you?
(“Name” will be replaced by the name from excel).

P.S - I am using WhatApp API ""+Mobile+"" now to send messages to every contact in the excel over but trying to send message to a group but no breakthrough yet.

looking for suggestions

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Hi @indrajit.shah,

I have not tested this yet. Just curious, are you using the HTTP request activity and send to Facebook WhatsApp Business API or using web browser ?

@GreenTea no I am not using Business API or HTTP request.

you can simply log in to then scan the QR code with your WhatsApp and then when you hit the
then you can able to create a new message instance for exchanging messages, even if the no. is not in your contact list.

Hi @indrajit.shah,

Unfortunately, WhatsApp API is closed. Not much documentation on it.

ya, i think so but still this api is working.

@indrajit.shah Please go through this video…this is based on
not through API request …- YouTube

This is for contact numbers, I am looking for GROUP

In contact place u can mention group name…it was based on names…there we can mentioned contact name or group name

For future reference - Then how it will handle the contacts that’s not in the contact list?

U need to create a workflow if the contact is not found then u need to create a contact or manually u have to declare contact is not found in the excel file in status column…