How to whatsapp a data table taking input from excel file

Hi , I am trying to send a message via whatsapp which is coppied from a excel file. it may be a data table or a graph.Please help me in this regards.

Hai @Md_Ziarul_Haque_Sark

  1. Install Firefox plug-in for UiPath
  2. Run the robot
  3. URL used: (3.2 KB)
1.Use the chrome;

2.When you run the first time, read QRcode with WhatsApp Web; (only the first time) to register the cell that will send the message;

3.Create a csv file named: phone list

3.Put in the csv file the relation of the numbers to which you want to send the message;

4.Place the cell phone number with the country and city code.

5.Adjust your message;

And also check below link
Send a Message via Whatsapp… This may help u

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Thanks for your suggestion. But I want to take a screenshot/image from excell and want send this via whatsapp. would u please share me any idea regarding this.