How to create a pivot table from a data table


Can someone help me create a pivot table from a data table? See sample file below

Sample.xls (36.5 KB)

I want my pivot table to look like this.



Hi @caduque,

Try this,


Getting the error below.


My text file is attached for reference. Thanks!

macro.txt (2.8 KB)

@caduque have a look here,


Still getting the same error. Tried replacing the EntryMethodName with every possible value but having no success :frowning:

Hi @samir,

Attaching my xaml file here and the text file I’m using. Hope you can check them.

SamplePivot.xaml (4.9 KB)

macro.txt (2.6 KB)

For the excel file where the pivot is created, I’ve already followed the instructions on the link you gave me.


Hi @Palaniyappan,

Could I have your spare time to help me debug my sequence? Please note that my excel file is a macro enabled workbook.


Here’s my xaml and text file

SamplePivot.xaml (5.0 KB)

Macro1.txt (2.2 KB)

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Kindly try once with normal .xlsx instead of .xlsm file and inside the scope use the same invoke VBA activity

Cheers @caduque

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