Create Pivot table activity - Validation error


I have a problem in course DataTables and Excel Automation With Studio with buliding along the video “Excel Automation with Modern Design Part 2”.

The Validation error is in Create Pivot Table activity in the field Source (in Properties panel is named as Table range).

Description of error:
Main.xaml: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “MonthReport.Sheet(“Sales”)”.
The Option Strict On directive does not allow the implicit conversion of the UiPath.Excel.WorksheetQuickHandle type to the UiPath.Excel.IWellDefinedReadRangeRef type.

Printscreen is attached.

Thank you for your help!

Have a nice day, Hana

Hi @hana.prikrylova

You need to define the source correctly for ref excel & sheet where you are creating the table. Eg.

Hi @AJ_Ask ,

thank you for your reply.

I reviewed the source (table) name while creating table in Use Excel File

  • table names fit, but the red exclamation mark is still there (in the Source field)… :frowning_face:

Can’t it be something else?


You can select the source by clicking on the plus symbol infront of source where you can select the correct Excel sheet. Can you post the whole flow screenshot to get the better idea

Hi @hana.prikrylova

Once try deleting the Create Pivot Table activity, save your workflow and try re-initializing the activity again.


Hi @AJ_Ask and @Parvathy ,

I’m attaching the whole workflow of the process.

Hi @hana.prikrylova

Looks correct! Did you click on the Plus symbol & selected the sheet?

alternate way you can use the classic create pivot table activity but for that you need to format the data as table

Hi @AJ_Ask

in the end I combined classic and modern activities and I used Plus symbol & selected the sheet and it works!

Thank you very much for your help!


nice days, Hana

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@hana.prikrylova Awesome. If it helped you can mark it as a solution.

Cheers happy automation!

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