Create Form Task: Http timeout expired

How to resolve when uipath bot try to create a form in action center in remote desktop ‘Create form task’ activity failed showing timeout error?

Attached is the error screenshot for your reference.

Hi @Varad_Daangat,

Is it like not working in any scenario?

Or just failing sometimes?


It is failing sometimes.

I’m getting the same error. Its happening only when I’m trying to create two tasks (action center Create Form Task Activity). The first task is created successfully, the second one always fails with message "http timeout expired.

If I comment out the first only then will it create the 2nd task, it just won’t allow me to create multiple form tasks and add them to a collection of form objects.

I’m trying to stick closely to the long running workflow framework which does just this, but continue to see this error. Any suggestions?

@ABetts2121 Could you please share the version details of the Uipath.Persistence.Activities and Uipath.FormActivityLibrary libraries.

If you experiencing this in on-premise installation, could you please share the orchestrator version that is referred to?

Appreciate if you could share the workflow that you are using for further analysis.

@ABetts2121 , @Varad_Daangat ,
Could you please provide the details as requested by @VikneshrajSP . This will help us to debug the issue further.

Hi @ABetts2121 @VikneshrajSP ,
I am using below-mentioned vesion of uipath packages.

Uipath.Persistence.Activities Version 1.3.1

Uipath.FormActivityLibrary libraries Version 1.7.1

Uipath Software Version 2021.4.4

Uipath Orchestrator Version 2021.4.3

Uipath Action Center Version 21.4.3

Let me know if you need anything from my side.


Hi @ABetts2121 , @VikneshrajSP , @manaspandey ,

Any update regarding create form timeout issue?

Varad Daangat

Hello @Varad Daangat,

We spent some time debugging the issue and the following are our findings:

This issue happens if ORCH is < 21.10, Persistence.Activities package is > 1.2.2 and the Task is created in a loop (ForEach, While, Parallel ForEach) activity.

As an immediate workaround, we suggest either upgrading ORCH or using Persistence.Activities <= 1.2.2. We are working on the fix and will update once it is available.



Hello @Varad_Daangat ,

Here is a fixed version which I tested and seems to be working fine for the given workflow. Could you please give it a try?
UiPath.Persistence.Activities.1.3.2-dev.79061.nupkg (2.4 MB)


Hi @manaspandey ,
Thanks for clarifying the issue.
Action performed from my side to resolve this issue:
I have created a CustomActivity folder on the desktop and copy-pasted [UiPath.Persistence.Activities.1.3.2-dev.79061.nupkg. But provided package is not visible from my local folder location.
Attached are the screenshot of the same.


Please update filter to include prerelease as this is a dev nuget package.

Hi @manaspandey ,

Now I am able to find and export the package but while installation I am receiving the below error message.

Looks like uipath installer unable to locate .dll file path.
Attached is the screenshot of the same.

Can you please manipulate the NuGet package code so it will fit in my environment?
From \lib folder onwrds, the file path has changed. currently, folder and .dll exists in this location


@Varad_Daangat , could you please share your workflow (before using the dev nuget package)? I will take a look.

Hello @Varad_Daangat , could you please send me the workflow? I can test my changes on that.

Hi @manaspandey ,

I have used Persistence.[Activities] <= 1.2.2 version and HTTP timeout issue no longer exists.


Thanks @Varad_Daangat for the update.

Ideally the dev nuget provided in should also work. Could you please share your workflow, so that I can test why dev nuget package is not working for you.

Thanks Manas,

Actually process workflow in remote secure platform. I can not share this outside network.

Varad Daangat

@Varad_Daangat , please raise a product support ticket if your issue is not resolved with the activity version provided by Manas. Product support team will be able to get in to a call with you and check the issue .

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