i have to make dyanamic folder

so 1) i have to do these first make
outputfolder->FY 22-23->Jan 2022->03-04->2022->in that i have to paste my file that i create during the process
so first it would automatically make outputfolder and inside that make new folder FY 22-23 folder->and inside that make new folder-> current month and year folder->and inside that make new folder Current date and time folder->and inside that make new folder in that i have to copy my new txt file that is created during the process run

so how to make these

Hi @purnima_mandan ,

Could you maybe also provide the Full File Path after creating all the required Folders manually ? Something in the below way :


In this way, we would be able to highlight on any clarifications required quickly and provide you with an appropriate suggestion. Also, the Date and Time Folder name and the Last Folder name is still not clear as to what format it should be present.

Hi @purnima_mandan ,

You can use create folder activity as below:


CurDir+"\"+"FY 22-23"+"\"+Now.Date.ToString("MMM yyyy")+"\"+System.DateTime.Now.ToString("hh-mm-ss tt")+"\"+Now.Date.ToString("yyyy")

You can copy the file using the same path into the folder of your choice.

Vinit Mhatre

after the folder created i have to write file inside the folder

how to write these file
actually i have use write txt file activity
in that i have make “student.txt” file that file move to the folder which i created

so how to do these

example->FY 22-23->jan 2022->o3-04-2022 ->student.txt

automatically it will go to these folder

Hi @purnima_mandan ,

After the current path, you can add the name of any text file you like.

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Vinit Mhatre

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