Create folder in SharePoint Document Library

Hi Everyone,
I want to create a folder inside the root folder of a document library.
SharePoint Site:-
Document Library: AP-Invoices


I am using the Find Files And Folders activity and passing the properties as shown below.

I haven’t passed anything to the Query because I want to create the folder in the root.

I have tried it, but the bot doesn’t create any folder. If I pass the “UiPath” folder in the input query of find files activity it creates the folder inside the “UiPath” folder. Can anyone let me know how do we create the folder at the root level of the document library? I am using the MicrosoftOffice365 integration package.


Is UiPath folder under AP-Invoices folder ? If yes then pass query as AP-Invoices and then check once.

Yes, That’s correct. I want to create the folder Similar to UiPath.

@lakshman I have updated the properties of the Find file activity but still, it doesn’t create the folder in the root level.


Find Files And Folders is used to find things, not create things.

If you have a folder already in the document library, find it with Find Files and Folders, then use Get File/Folder passing in the existing folder’s ParentReference.Id as input to get the root folder as a DriveItem, then use that in Create Folder to create the new folder you want under the root.


Thanks, Zheng, It worked! :grinning:

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