Create Folder activity


While using the Create folder activity, the below message is appeared

Error message

Absolute path not recommended. Use a relative path instead that is not including a drive letter or a root folder.

Uipath → 22.4.4
Uipah.System.Activities → 22.4.4


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@Gokul001 Hi please convert your path into string and then add your folder name

@Gokul001 Environment.CurrentDirectory.ToString+"\abc"

Still the same problem @raja.arslankhan


@Gokul001 Got it its absolute vs relative path issue. we can’t use absolute which contains root folder as well

try like this , no more error

Its worked @Veera_Raj , But i need to know the source of this bug

you can’t define the environment directory in that particular activity , i dont know what kind of bug it is. instead of that you have pass through string variable.

Hi @Veera_Raj

In the Pervious version of Uipath.System.Activities, we can able to pass Environment.CurrentDirectory directly.

But not in this version Uipah.System.Activities→ 22.4.4 Why? Do you have any idea?


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@Gokul001 as per my guess may that environment.getdirectory will fetch from project directory but , you can only use relative path , as per directory.getfiles it will return fullpath that’s the reason why it’s returning exception. may be exactly i don’t know it’s bug or not.

I know the we need to use only relative path. But how it is worked on the previous version @Veera_Raj

in previous they have root but they may implemented for reduce issues for more smooth execution

I don’t things so @Veera_Raj , Will wait for the respond from the @Forum_Staff


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I don’t think this is a big issue, as it is just a warning that is supposed to accomplish a slightly more robust code.

I wouldn’t worry about it, personally, but I will check with the team whether the interaction with the Environment commands can be improved (after all, fetching your folder dynamically is already good enough and I feel like it shouldn’t warrant this warning anymore).


It’s not an issue at all. It’s a feature to prevent hardcoded paths.

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any update on this @loginerror.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Have you checked my previous reply?

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