Create file activity warning

I’ve updated all packages from my project today and now Create file activity is throwing the warning below

Can anyone help me to use relative paths?


If the path is always this one, you can save it in a variable or in the settings file and use it in the create file activity.


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Hello @guilherme.dias

Can you try with a different path and check whether its working or not.

The same warning for any path.

The only way to solve this is go back to uipath.system.activities to version 21.10.4


Upgrade the packages to latest version.

And also create a string variable and pass the Folderpath

Then pass the file

Assign Folderpath= "C:\Desktop\"

In create file activity pass like this



If do it this way will work, but can not we use the path directly anymore?

Is it a warning, not an error. Is it stopping on that action if you try to run it?

I assume its just warning you that if someone else tries to use this robot, that they may not have the same network mappings as you.


Yes, we can use the direct path. Upgrade the packages and try to provide the entire path with the file name…

And also make sure that the CSV file already available inside that folder

Try this and let me know


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@NervYerem yes, it’s just a warning and if i run the workflow it will work. I was just trying to find a way to remove this warning, because when a real alert appear maybe i will not see it.

Ah in that case, I wonder if you could request an option to acknowledge the warning to make it go away since it is a valid configuration.

For what it’s worth, I manage a system where the warnings like this are persistent and do not go away. Requires you to pay a little more attention to the configurations. I wouldn’t be surprised if UiPath went that direction.

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I guess it is. In this case i will create a config file for this project and put all paths inside it! Thanks for the help!

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