Create entity record Activity failed during execution

Hello…I’m getting error like Create entity record Activity failed during the execution of the workflow.Plz find attached screenshot of the error and workflow.
Main.xaml (16.1 KB)
plz provide solution as soon as possible…

Hi @poojapandit950,
Could you please paste here whole details of the error as well as show us the properties for this activity?

hi @poojapandit950 - Can you please expand the Details tab and paste the logs here for us to help? My most likely guess is that you have some constraint on the entity record which is being violated when you are trying to create it.

@poojapandit950 - I looked through your workflow and cannot find any obvious issues. Please let us know if you still need help with this issue.

Uipath assistant is failed while inserting a record from the Uipath app to the database using data service…

hi @poojapandit950 -

Is this same Robot Assistant as where your Studio is installed and you are developing the process from?

Can you please ensure that the Robot is defined as Modern Robot (Robots) and then grant the user permissions in your Data Service tenant - Managing Access?

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