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Is there any way to generate documentation from the flow? Something like extracting annotations, arguments, variables, etc ?

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You can do this by deserializing the .xaml file which is basically in xml format, and by extracting certain nodes, you can return the variables and workflow information.

I’ve had this idea to do something like this, but half of me says that this will become complicated if you want to make something that works for every workflow. And, then, how do you extract only the info you need if some of it is redundant or messy.

Do a search on the forums. There are some discussions and solutions for extracting out the xml nodes.

Sorry if I can’t provide you straight up examples, cause I haven’t done this very much.



It seems to be a lot of work to extract and go recursively through all the project. I was hoping for a simpler solution, maybe directly from the developers.

Did you make any further progress with the idea of generating program documentation?

Is this feature realized yet?:slight_smile:

I was looking for the same, this would be a great feature, in line with what you can do with Javadoc and others… I wish to save time on the Documentation which is very heavy in my business