Generate documentation for project using annotation

Is this feasible yet?

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Yes @RajeshSwarnkar

Actually we have some documents of activities and best practice on how to use it!

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Hi Pat,
Thanks for the inputs.
I mean to say, is there way I can generate the documentation about my project from the project itself like using the annotation. I cannot find much regarding this topic on search, all search are related about - https://docs.

Rajesh :slight_smile:


Hi @RajeshSwarnkar

I have here Best Practices UPATH Studio

UiPath Automation Best Practice Guide 05 25012018.pdf (1.4 MB)

Hope this two link will be your reference.

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Hi, thanks for your suggestions.

To rephrase this question, is there a way to extract the annotations I added within my project in order to have a project documentation?

I see this question was added in 2019, I hope there is some development in this area now.
Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.