Create custom taxonamy in "Present Validation Station" activity

How to create and initialize custom taxonamy in “Present Validation Satation” without using “Prepare Validation Station” .


By Using “Prepare Validation Station” I can able to create with the help of Flexicapture activities.

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What you can do is to build your own taxonomy in a json string. You will need to have some specific keys that are understood by the validation station, so the simplest way to do it is to modify the example that is provided here:
Then you have to transform your json string in a DocumenTaxonomy variable using:
new UiPath.SmartData.DataContracts.Taxonomy.DocumentTaxonomy().deserialize(taxonomyJsonString)
then you can use the result in the “Present Validation Station” activity.

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Hello @anoopap , we have just launched the Taxonomy Manager - it will show up in the Studio Ribbon once you have installed the IntelligentOCR package, latest version. You can use it, and it allows you to create a taxonomy in a very user-friendly way. Please see the documentation here : - as you will notice you have to define a group and a category before getting to the actual document types.

Hi Loana
I had updated my intelligentOCR packages to newer version, but I couldn’t find Taxonamy manager in it. 2018.4.3 is my studio version and I’m attaching the screenshot.



Hey @anoopap, the taxonomy manager in in the Studio Ribbon (close to the Recording or Screen Scraping buttons).

Thanks for the help @Ioana_Gligan :grinning:

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