Taxonomy Manager

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Can anyone help me understand the Taxonomy Manager?
I just came to know about this and want to understand its functionalities like what it does, In which use cases it can be implemented, etc.

I’ve gone through the below link:
Taxonomy Manager

It provides the details on how it can be installed and accessed, but its functionalities are not described.
If anyone can help with such basic information, some workflows or links to understand it well, that would be great.

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yes please…can someone help with the response ?

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Hi @kgmaheshwari, I recomend you to see in UiPath Academy the Course “UiPath 2019.4 Updates”, there’s a specifical part for Intelligent OCR, with a video of 17 minutes, talking about the funcionalities of Intelligent OCR and using them and taxonomy manager to :slight_smile:

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