Create an exe file from UiPath

Hello. Is it posible to generate an exe file for a UiPath robot? I need to run my robot in differents computers avoiding to install UiPath Studio/Orquestrator. If not, what is the simpliest way to do something similar?


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You can install only the uipath robot without installing studio…

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Thank you @Lahiru.Fernando. An additional question: how can I add the robot to “UiPath Robot”? I know how to publish it to Orquestrator and then connect it to “UiPath Robot”; but is it the only way to attach a robot to “UiPath Robot” in order to execute it there?


Yeah… it is the only way as per my knowledge. Because orchestrator is the central management console for all the uipath robots. If you want to execute the same process in multiple machines orchestrator is the best option to manage all the robots centrally… or else you have to have uipath studio installed in all machines to run them manually in all those machines…

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