Generate an exe file from UiPath

Is there a way to generate an exe file for a project? I mean If I want to run a robot in a specific computer without to use orchestrator or install Ui studio is there an option available?

To my knowledge the answer is no. As the intended purpose of UiPath is not to compile stand alone applications I’d doubt we ever get an option (out of the “box”) such as this either. We can wish though.


Hi @padras,
Tyler_Williams is true. But you can check this, can get some idea.


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Just as a confirmation, you can install only the Robot to run processes on a machine via command line.

How can I do that? Using the comand UiRobot.exe -file “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\UiPath\test_debugging\Main.xaml” ? In windows should I run this command throug “Run” or through cmd?

Andrey, I will try to explain in detail:

So the short answer would be that you should run that command through cmd, not “Run”.

I hope it’s more clear now.

Hi @padras ,
I saw some post that can able to generate the Workflows for Redistribution.But it doesn’t have this option in CE.


That functionality is deprecated now. So the answer is that it’s not possible anymore.

HI @ovi,
Thank you the updates.

It is a suggestion . Better may remove this article from the site, if it is deprecated.