Create An Approval Bot



Hi, I am trying to automate the following process and now able to put this into a flow:

As-Is Process:

I need to build a bot that performs a search by typing in the invoice number. Once the invoice number is searched a list of items in that invoice with their cost appears on the screen. There is a small approve icon in front of each invoice and a user required to clicks on approve individually. Invoices generally are on two pages, therefore, a user needs to click on next button as well and click on approve button.

Can someone please guide me on how this can be built





Store the invoices in a csv or excel file based on your comfortable format.

Read the file and store that in a DataTable.
Just run a for each of the DataTable and perform

  1. Typeinto - row(“invoice”) - click search button
  2. Above steps again can be done for list of items under each invoice
  3. Check for the next button or approve button
  4. Click and repeat the flow.



Thanks, Just to clarify. My issue is there are more than 1 approve button and i want bot to click on all approve buttons and if there are no approve button left on the screen (as the status of approve changes i.e. the text on the button changes once you click on approve) it should click on next button and perform the same process.


@SachinGarg please share your approve button selector and check the relation between selectors of all your approve buttons.