Create a new excel file out of an origianl excel File?

Hi I am new to Uipath.

I need some tips on how to create the following sequence.

I have one Excel File that contains 8 users, I want to extract each of the user into a separate excel file for each of the users.

How can I make the sequence to filter the file using a Variable?
and after that to write the filter data into a new excel file?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @Andres_garcia,

When you say users on the excel sheet, how are they represented:
Each user have their own sheet or it is just plain rows and columns;

It would be a lot easier if you could attach a sample sheet.

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Hi @PD2,

Please see attach a sample file.

Regards, User Balance.xlsx (16.8 KB)

Hi @Andres_garcia,

Use the Select method() to filter your input
Convert your filtered rows to a new datatable
Create filenames
Write it to a file

Please see the attached workflow.

Excel sample.xaml (10.6 KB)

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Happy automating!


You Nailed it, Now I have a question is it possible to set a varialble for all users instead of the manual input of the user?

Kind Regards,

Thanks! Yeah you can have a for each loop and pass the item as input to the filter.