UIPATH : Filter and Moove Data from one main Excel File to others Excel Files

Hello Guys,

I need your help for one Sequence of my Project.

I want to export some data rows from my main Excel file to others Excel files.
In my main Excel file, each rows are identified in the first column by the email adress of a Sender, I would like to export all rows from the same Sender in one New Excel file save as the name of the Sender. So I want to create as much new Excel files as different sender exist.

Could you help me to deal with it please :slight_smile:

You can achieve this with the help of filters, search for filters in the forum

Hi @AmauryCarlier

Use dt.select("[colA"]= โ€˜valueโ€™"). copytodatatable ()

With assign activity


Thanks for your answers,

Iโ€™m still blocked, maybe I can Share you my XAML file if you agree to have a look. :slight_smile:
My goal is about to moove each rows with the same Sender in the the new same Excel file.

Many Thanks for your help !
ReadExcel 2.0.xaml (9.9 KB) TEST_JSON_EXTRACTV2.xlsx (9.5 KB)