Courses not getting "Completed" on the Automation Developer Associate Training

This week I finished the “UI Automation Descriptors in Studio” course within the Automation Developer Associate Training, but I did not receive the diploma at the end of this. So I checked in the Learning Plan Curriculum and realized that it still said “Resume course”.

Then, I went back to the course, this time it started from 67%. I finished it once again, making sure to achieve 100%. I didn’t have to do the final survey at the end because I had already finished it before.
So, I went back to the Learning Plan Curriculum again, and the problem persists, I still can not complete the course.

In addition, yesterday I started the next course " Selectors in Studio Deep Dive" and left it at 50%. Today, when I resumed it, the course was restarted from the beginning.
For this reason , I realized that there is a problem with saving the course progress on the page.

Hi @MetalEnemy ,
Could you please share your screen short
I learn in Academy and never met it before

Hi ,
I have completed and cleared [Automation Developer Associate Training] Assesment and course but still it remains as Resume course
Could you please give a solution for this.


Hi @praveenchintu374 ,
These courses do not have a final certificate and are always updated. This course serves you to take the final certificate and has to pay a fee of $150 for this.

If it is not complete, you can check your resume to see where it is incomplete


But still we do get Diploma for completing the course right?

Hi @praveenchintu374

Please check on this



Let check in here
Hope it help

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 Please check above screenshots

Hi @praveenchintu374 ,
Sorry for the late reply,
Are there any modules you haven’t completed before?
In the new update, we need to complete all the previous modules to access the exercises
You can log out and back in again

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1
I have completed all the modules under associate training course .
Let me check by logging out and back in again

Yes , let’s try it,
The most important thing is that you have the knowledge and preparation for this certification exam,

Cleared cache and history then logged out and back in but still the status of course remains same

I have prepared each module by going through the exercise and completed the exam.

Is there a limit to the number of times there is a final exam?
Have you passed the required pass score yet?

There is no limit for passing the exam, In case if we are not able to clear the exam, section will be closed for 24 hours, after 24hrs we can attend an exam.

Yeah, I got 85% and received status as passed.
You can look above screenshot.

Hi @praveenchintu374 ,
I understand, you have completed all the modules and survey forms included in the course, completed and passed the final exam, but the course status is not ‘completed’ and you cannot receive a certificate of completion.

The status is still ‘in progress’,
I think there may be some error with the system, you have logged out and logged in again but there is no change

You can contact the academy team for support

Please continue with another course and come back to it later

Thanks for your time :hugs:.

I have raised ticket to UI Path Support and issue got resolved.


Cheer @praveenchintu374 ,
Let’s continue with another course