Academy not showing course as completed

I enrolled for the RPA Developer course and completed the following courses and got the certificates of the diploma too. I took the Advanced Developer certificate and got that also.

Now looks a new version has been released in the academy and it shows that I have completed only UiPath_Level 3 Advanced Training

UiPath_RPA Starter Training
UiPath_Level 1 Foundation Training
UiPath_Level 2 Orchestrator
UiPath_Level 3 Advanced Training

How can I get marked as done for the “RPA Developer Foundation” course in the new version?

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Just enroll for that new course and complete it.

Hello @Devarajan_Sundaresan

Just like @lakshman mentioned, You have to enroll into the new courses and complete them one by one… This will update the status of your courses… We do the same too…

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Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando and @lakshman
Its the same old content which I did already. Isnt that boring to go through all over again and again?


So everybody who has already done many hours of courses has to go over the same material again for another 36 hours??

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@Devarajan_Sundaresan @Craig1

I guess they added some extra topics in between and because of that they added new course. I don’t think so it is same as previous.

I looked at the contents and more or less they look similar. I think its only fair to add new courses with the updates rather than adding it to the existing content and ask everyone to go through it all over again. Its like to get what has changed which is just 2%, everyone needs to go 100% of the content again!

@loginerror - can you please check this please?

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Hi @Devarajan_Sundaresan

Could you maybe go to your activities and post a screenshot of your progress so we are on the same page?

As far as I know, the Academy team is introducing new flows for the courses which do not match the old formula. The old courses were notorious for being difficult to maintain.
You are not obliged to finish all the materials on the Academy, especially if you find it repetitive :wink: For that, we released the small update courses for each major version.


@loginerror - Thanks for your response. See the attached that shows my activities.

The academy showing the courses as completed and the certificate of diplomas are small motivation to learn further. I hope that is the purpose UiPath Academy would have thought too. It is nice to release small update courses when there changes. But when the entire 36 hours content is modified it is difficult to find what is changed unless you spend 36 hours again. I hope the academy hears it.

Thanks again!

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@loginerror here is my activities > courses page.

Is the intention that you keep on replacing courses, with minimal changes, and we have to then re-do them?

@loginerror - Hi would you be able to check and get it fixed by the academy. Currently it beats the purpose of showing the course progress in the academy. Thank you!