"Couldn't load that topic" constantly

Most of the time when I click a notification to get to the topic, I get this:

Been happening forever. Please fix it.

On another note, I selected Feedback and Forum in the new topic prompt, which automatically added the forum and feedback tags, and when I clicked Create Topic…

And after removing the forum tag and clicking Create Topic again, it created the topic and when it tried to take me to the topic I got the “Couldn’t load that topic” error again.

Hey @postwick

Thanks for reporting this.

For the first issue, it looks like it might have been temporary, so I hope it’s no longer the case (please let me know).

For the tag issue, what an awkward message :sweat_smile: Let me have a look.

It’s very frequent (> 50% of the time), and has been for a long time.

Got it. Could you let me know if you see a pattern in the type of notification that causes this?

As to the forum tag, it should be fixed. For some reason, some categories had this tag as “restricted” per those categories. Tracking it down took a moment, but it is no longer the case.

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I’ll start keeping track of when I see the “couldn’t load” message, to try to determine a pattern.

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Thank you. And if it happens consecutively on the same notification, it would help if you could go to the browser Network console and see if there aren’t any specific payloads that are failing and if so, with what errors in their responses.

I just got it when I clicked this notification (which was new when I clicked it):

Also, when I opened a new tab and clicked this notification to get back here and reply, I got the error too.


Got it again when clicking this notification when it was new:


Got it again when clicking this notification which was already marked read.


Thabk you for all the reports. I’ll take it up with Discourse to see what is going wrong there.

It would still be helpful if you could somehow manage to reproduce this with the browser network console open. Navigating in Discourse generates some API calls and it would be helpful to learn the response you are getting for the respective API calls that are failing.