[Bug] Tags not found when creating a post

I notice some time ago that, when posting a new topic in the forum, some tags that I was almost sure they were available before were not showing up when searching for them.

I’ve investigated further. This happens when you didn’t select a certain tag first amongst those ones that show up when you first click on the tags textfield and a dropdown with certain values is displayed.

For instance:

Search for “studio”. No matches are found:

You clean the text, a default list is shown; select “Excel”, for instance:

You select it, then you type in “studio” again and… voilà! It’s available to choose:

Hi @pere

Indeed, this is by design:

It has to be a tag from this list:

The logic here is that if you do have a question/feedback that relates strictly to the activity package, you should tag your post accordingly first.

Thus, it will remain as is, but I’m happy to take any feedback, and let’s keep this thread open to hear from other users.

Then I think I was able to delete that “compulsory” tag after I used it to “trigger” showing the ones I missed.

In this case, it should prevent you from posting the topic without one of those required tags being present. It should also display an error prompt when you try it.

If it doesn’t, then it is a bug.

I tested it further and you are right and I’m wrong: I could delete the “primary” package tag, but then it wouldn’t let me post it.

Sorry for bothering.

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