Could not retrieve transaction item. Exception message: The given key was not present in the dictionary

Hello All,
When Im doing UiPath advanced course 2nd assigment from the academy and the workflow is done. WHen im running the workflow its saying could not retrieve transaction item. Below is the attached screenshot of the logs.
Im using ReFramework template.

Welcome to the Community @Usama_Mirkar

Are you using a dictionary value to send it as Queue Item’s collection?

That error simply states that the key was not in the config.
Suggest you to check if all the keys you are using are in the Config correctly.

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Also check all your invoke workflow file activities, react when you see the coun in orange and rewire the arguments in that case.

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Hi Rahul,
Yes i’m using dictionary to send queue items.
Please take a look at my config file and arguments section of get transaction data workflow

Hi Peter,
There was one count in one of the workflows in orange which i rewired but the issue still persist.

just check the spelling foe all key, that should be exactly the same. Beware of spaces before and after the text. Remove blank spaces in excel, if any

and while reading in bot, always use .Trim to eliminate blank spaces from either side of text

I checked the queue name in orchestrator and config file and both are same. is there any other steps i should take

debug your bot
get paused by the fail
inspect the details using the immediate/locals/watch panel


Recommended approach is to take all the attributes in an message box/write line or simply in a variable before that activity and then debug. you will see for what parameter it breaks and that will be helpful to understand the pain point


Look at your Get Transaction activity. You have the queue name property wrong in the Get Transaction activity. Show us what you have there.

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Hi @Usama_Mirkar,

Can you please show the snapshot of your Get transaction workflow and also the properties section of Get transaction activity.

This error is thrown when you are trying to refer a key which doesn’t exist in config dictionary.

So, please verify properties panel of get transaction activity, and any other activities that you have used in the workflow where you are trying to fetch some value from config and then match the config key referenced in your workflow with the one mentioned in config file, they both should match.

You track it down this way and you will find which config value is incorrectly referenced.

Hope this helps.

And if you can share screenshots like I asked, we can also help you pinpoint the error.


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Hello All,

I had folder path defined in Get Transaction Item and config file did not had folder path so that was the key which was not present in the config file, so i removed the folder path and then it started working.

but it gave me an issue in Set Transaction Status activity so i did the same removed the folder path and the issue got resolved and the assigment is complete now.

Thankyou everyone for your kind contributions.Properties

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