"Could not retrieve the result of the job execution" error at the end of a process

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I am seeing various solutions to this issue, with the main ones being:

  • Do not use in/out or out arguments from state machines.
  • Remove all write line activities to reduce the amount of text being logged to the console.
  • WCF configuration.

I have a massive process (>1500 activities) which has a large number of Write Line activities, and also has multiple arguments being transferred between state machines. The process works and completes ‘successfully’ with no errors logged, but the “Could not retrieve the result…” error appears right at the very end of the process, and is preventing the job being show as a success in Orchestrator.

Am I right in saying that I will need to re-write the process to avoid in/out or out args, and remove as many Write Lines as possible in order for my process to complete?

To clarify, this is between states, not state machines.

I have removed all write-lines, and the issue is still present. The job seems to error between leaving the final state and before writing the final log message.

I have converted all the Out and In/Out arguments in the Main.xaml to variables instead, I will update after the next successful job.

Job now completes successfully - don’t use In/Out or Out arguments in Main.xaml.

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