Job issues through Orchestrator

Hi All,

Has anyone faced below issue?

Here, BOT is supposed to be running in unattended mode and it runs perfectly but sometimes after a few days (~6) production machine’s BOT starts giving error. This issue is sporadic and a simple restart solves the issues but I couldn’t understand why this is happening, have tired reaching out to UiPath technical support team but still no help. It’s been more than 5 months.

Please advise!

@Codegias I guess it is mostly related to the arguments that you have used. There are some posts already pointing out that error and most of them point to the reason of arguments.

That’s the beauty of this issues, there’s nothing to do with the coding because this runs flawless.
I mean, we have around 28 processes in production and all runs fine until any process fails because of this error.

BOT not even get trigger in this error i.e.process don’t even start