Could not find a certificate with subject

When I was trying to install UiPath including orchestrator, the app throw a message “Could not find a certificate with subject xxx,make sure there is such a certificate in the LocalMachine\Personal Store.” the app stoped.
Guys do you know the reason and how to fix it?

Hi I have exactly the same problem. What could it be?


Hi @neilbest,

Please take a look . It will help you


Hi Balu,

Thank you for your response to this question. I am trying to install it on Windows 8 desktop and I am having the same issue.

Can this be done on Windows 8 Professional or not? If not, how can I proceed with continuing to learn the tool without Orchestrator?

Hi I had exactly the same problem.
I could resovle this problem for changing certificate name.
My certificate File Name is “XXXCert” ,But Subject Name is “XXX”.

Hi Neilbest,

Can i know how did u changed certificate name ? any steps ?