Orchestrator 20.4 upgrade: Certificate subject not trusted on this machine?

I’m trying to upgrade our Orchestrator to 20.4 and running into the below error. I’m non-system-techincal so the info I’ve found so far has largely gone over my head! - any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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hi @Paul_Waine
This is regarding your SSL Certificate
please refer below

Hi @Paul_Waine,

I’m facing the same issue. Is the issue resolved?

If resolved Kindly share the resolution.

Thanks in Advance

I am stuck at the same step while installing 20.4.2. I am trying to upgrade from 2019.4.4 and it seems the install is trying to setup the domain signed certificate but not able to use it for some reason. Please help !

@Paul_Waine - Were you able to solve this Cert issue?

I was seeing this error initially in my installation as well.

I needed to create an A record in DNS for the certificate, so make sure your DNS is good!

I figured the Friendly URL of cert should match to the one of the .desktop.local

I had domain certs which I removed and then used the self signed cert to upgrade.

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We had the same issue and we did the same thing.
We removed the domain certificates and created a self signed for update.
Afterwards we replaced the self signed certificate with a domain one.

This was recommended by UiPath support as well.

If you want to replace a certificate be sure to check the docs first:
In the 2020.10 version there is a tool for that:

In older version keep the part marked “Important” in this doc in mind:

I hope this helps future users.

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